Been quite some time...

2011-07-16 22:23:05 by KaoticAlchemist

Well it's been quite some time since I was last on... Not so much of an industrial fan anymore... Dunno why I was, it isn't that great. Lol
Slunk my back towards trance and I actually happen to have another song for my "Sixth Sense" album.
Starts out slow, but it is the first 'full' sounding song I have made. The best so far in my opinion.
Look for more like this I suppose!
Feels good to be back. ;D

Starting anew...

2010-04-05 12:14:10 by KaoticAlchemist

Well... I've learned quite a bit over the months and I'm starting a new album, Nuclear Apocalyptia... I recently got into Industrial Techno, the metal of techno, and I've begun my first song, completely from scratch, called "Atomic Smash"... So, give me a few months and I should have some songs up... Quite busy with school and stuff though so please be patient... XD
Thanks to everyone who helped me improve and I hope to have some stuff soon!



2009-08-15 00:20:33 by KaoticAlchemist

Woot! Just finished and uploaded my new song, Zumara, for my "Sixth Sense" album! I also got cover art for it created too! I edited the picture my self! XD